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Use Ontologizer Free Download to explore, visualize, and perform statistical analysis of gene expression data.Project Objectives:The core set of functions implemented in the Ontologizer can be used to explore, visualize, and perform statistical analysis of gene expression data. Using the Ontologizer you can:Implemented in the Ontologizer:Gene Ontology analysis: statistical enrichment analyses for particular GO terms.User interface: describe the analyses performed by Ontologizer and the results of these analyses.Graphical representation of GO terms.Ontologizer Input and Output:Ontologizer allows users to upload and analyze data sets of gene expression, or protein-protein interaction, using the information extracted from their annotations to the GO. As a result, Ontologizer:Allows gene expression data sets to be analyzed for their GO enrichment.Allows protein-protein interaction data sets to be analyzed for their GO enrichment.Allows users to annotate their own data sets.Allows the extraction of gene and protein identifiers from the input datasets.Allows the pre-processing of the input data set based on the needs of the analysis, like normalization.Ontologizer Output and Analysis:Ontologizer produces human-readable files and graphical representations of the findings generated by the analysis.Protein-protein interaction data can be uploaded and analyzed using the Ontologizer.Ontologizer performs this task by using a visualization and statistical technique called Multi-Dimensional Scaling, or MDS, in order to find the genes and proteins whose proximity to one another is most informative about their possible common functional relationships.Another visualization technique called the Hierarchical Clustering is applied to the list of GO term identifiers generated by Ontologizer to produce a more intuitive and readable graphical representation of the GO terms involved.Ontologizer runs the analysis using a web interface; no additional software is required. You can connect directly to the analysis results via the Ontologizer web page.Ontologizer Configurations:Ontologizer comes in two main versions:Ontologizer J2EEOntologizer Analysis ServerThe Ontologizer J2EE application works by utilizing the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) capabilities of the Web server. The client-side analysis uses Java Web Start in order to download the Ontologizer desktop application from the 08929e5ed8

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